Brand Identity: Province of Belluno Tourism

The Province of Belluno has called for tenders to create the new trademark for the province’s tourism board, with all of the associated online and offline communication materials.

The tourism trademark for the Province of Belluno is a territorial trademark, with values that include tourism, sport, nature, culture and history, and will be used for all of the region’s tourism promotion and communication.

The main competitors are the adjacent Provinces
of Trentino and South Tyrol, which, over the years, have each developed a strong identity, and have become important destinations for tour operators.

The project for the new trademark began with an analysis of the dozens of trademarks that already exist in the area, which relate to organisations, associations, clubs, and commercial and/or private activities that depict the Dolomites.

This extremely fragmented and chaotic situation created by the dozens of similar images needs a different trademark that creates a distinct and unambiguous space.

At the same time, the call for tenders requires a strong link to the new trademark of the Regione Veneto. This objective was achieved with the pay-off and with the colour and design of the trademark.